It was almost a good night…

With this semester coming to a swift and all to long awaited end, I feel compelled to count my blessings at school. There are many things about my life here that I have the distinct need to be thankful for, but one of the most important is the CS lab. There s a very special cast of characters that I have the unique honor of coming in contact with on a daily basis. There’s Tomahawk, he’s always prepared for any situation. There’s the Artist, who you’d swear was always under the effects of some substance or another, though he never is…well almost never. Then the Irishman and the Tall-Asian (as opposed to the short-Asian) round out this silly sophomoric group of 4. They certainly keep my life interesting, and my procrastination techniques up to date.

There are several other important characters who I would be remiss not to mention. The three seniors…There’s the Brainiac, he always makes me smile and knows the rules to more board games than anyone I’ve ever known…he also beeps when tickled. The hockey player…one of the finest distractions ever devised by the CS lab. The Giant, who I assure you lives up to his name, though he can be gentle when he wants to.

Then there’s my group. The Greek, who knows more amazing movies and random facts about the world than you would ever want to know…and so you listen with rapt attention. The Gamer, one of my best buds, he’s quiet and I like to think I helped break him out of his shell over the past few months. And of course there’s Alanah, if I were to assign her a nickname in this case it would probably be the future roomy.

Ok so now that i’ve introduced everyone…

The lab has become a second home. It seems as though every year I develop new hiding places for myself. Last year I spent the majority of my time studying for Organic Chemistry in the biology periodical room (or bpr as it’s fondly known). Now I spend all of my time in the lab. I go home to sleep and shower, then I come back. The people who I see here are not always the most pleasant, or even the most friendly. Some may wonder how it is I am able to tolerate spending so much of my time here…sometimes I wonder myself. However, anyone who’s here on a good day, who really knows and understand the lay of the land can tell you that we are all friends here.

Looking forward to next semester, I wonder about how things are going to change. I feel incredibly trepidatious about the prospect about not seeing the three seniors leave. It was so nice to sit and discuss some of the more difficult aspects of college life with the Brainiac. He’s always able to find a positive spin to put on life. I only recall him being truly upset on one occasion…after a particularly bad round of Betrayal at the House on the Hill (it’s an awesome game look it up).

Having been through three years of college up to this point, I am well aware of the fact that relationships are highly mutable. We gain and lose friends faster than the seasons change, thus I worry that come fall semester things will have changed. I would like to remain optimistic, but time has taught me better than that. In some cases I think that the brief period of separation will only make our relationship stronger. For other I fear that we will simply lose touch and have to start all over again next year. Worse things have happened…

So call me crazy, but these characters and the time that we’ve shared are some of the best things I’ve gotten out of my Junior year. I’d be lying if I said I was sad to see the year end. It barely feels like 2 years since I was a Senior in High School, but I welcome the close of my time here. It will be sad, already I feel the pangs of having to say goodbye. Fortunately, I’ve had no choice but to get used to goodbyes, and I’m thankful for that. Unfortunately I cannot say goodbye to my AI class just yet…so I must continue working. Until tomorrow!



One thought on “It was almost a good night…

  1. allofalanah says:

    i love that I can identify every one of these people.

    it’s going to be so tough leaving this room in a week. i feel sad just thinking about it. but never fear luv – the cs lab will remain, and our Fab Four will prevail through the tribulation that is summer sloth and honors panic.

    i can’t wait to make more memories in this, our second home: the cs lab.

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