To my Horrible Muse

Dear Doctor,

Do you know I exist? Did you even see me there on that day when you took over our city? This city that has now fallen into exquisite darkness and utter chaos thanks to your influence. You’ve finally brought this town was it needed, a leader who know what’s worst. You’ve overthrown the mayors office, stripped the power away from the police unit, all with those strong muscular rubber glove clad hands. But you don’t know that I’m here, watching you from the shadows. You don’t know that I’ve been documenting every move, and logging every endeavor.

It’s thanks to you that I’ve been able to seamlessly blend into society, an evildoer from another land looking for others who truly appreciate the path of deceit. Yet you don’t see me here silently admiring your horrible-ness, and so I’ve written you this letter to finally  break that silence. I want to assist you in your reign of horribly awesome terror. You are the most terrible sight my eyes have ever laid eyes on, and just the thought of being near you is enough to make me want to commit petty crime…maybe even worse.

I’ve heard all about that girl who gave you inspiration to do bad, and I just wanted you to know…that over the past 3 years of your reign of terror, you have been my inspiration. I couldn’t believe the way you trounced that uber jerk captain hammer. You’ve probably read in the papers about all those “phantom pains” captain hammer’s been feeling on the back of his head…those were me. All the evil I do I do for you. You are my beautiful, terrible, horrible muse and I just wish that you would turn your goggles my way…just for one moment.

Yours forever in evil-doing,

Your Secret Admirer



2 thoughts on “To my Horrible Muse

  1. allofalanah says:

    YES. YES.


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