My Day Off

So here’s a run-down of my first day home…

I woke up around 11, went to lunch with my brother, watched Big Bang Theory all afternoon, and played games on my ipod. am I incredibly lazy? Yes! Do I feel any shame?…no not really. As a result of all this laziness I now have a bit of a headache due to staring at my laptop screen all day, but I am incredibly satisfied with my lack of productivity. I’ll be changing all that soon of course, I don’t really have that much of a choice.

I do have to wake up fairly early tomorrow morning though, so once again I must cut today’s blog very very short…I know I’m a bad blogger. 😦



One thought on “My Day Off

  1. allofalanah says:

    My day so far: woke up at eleven, contemplated working, ate grilled cheese instead, started reading/commenting all the EveryDay May blogs, drank tea.

    There’s no such thing as a bad blogger – as long as posts are getting written, it’s an accomplishment!

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