Subconscious Deception

Soooo…I should be writing a paper right now…I should’ve been writing a paper for the past 3 hours or so. The point being that my ipod is waaaaaayyyyyy to distracting for my own good. I think I just have to turn it off for a few days and forget that all my cute little apps exist…


I’m already getting to the point where I miss some of my friends from school dearly. I don’t think it’s even remotely begun to sink in that I’m not going to be seeing anyone for 4 months. I keep saying that, but the real meaning of those words has yet to take effect. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I still have homework and a bug test to study for, and Pittsburgh to look forward to, but I’m finding it difficult to really come to terms with the fact that I’m not just home for the weekend or for a short break. My subconscious however does a very nice job of making me remember those who I should be missing. I’ve started having dreams about everyone, though my friends never appear quite the same in the waking world as they do in my dreams. That’s not to say that they’re necessarily better, sometimes the difference concerns me. It makes me wonder if the way I dream them is the way I perceive them, whether by the force of my will or not. Sometimes my dreams make me grateful for the fact that I don’t always remember my dreams.

(I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that yes, everyone dreams every night whether or not you remember those dreams when you awake is variable.)

Whenever I have a dream about someone (that I can actually remember) I will inevitably end up thinking about them the entire day. For better or for worse, I’m stuck with my dream world perception of them floating around in my mind all day. So thank you subconscious, thank you for making me remember my friends in a somewhat augmented, yet still at least partially true framework. What would I do without you?



One thought on “Subconscious Deception

  1. allofalanah says:

    Sam. What is dream-me like? Must. Know. 8D

    And your friends miss you something fierce too. *huggle*

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