So tonight the inspiration for my blog comes from a friend. He told me I should write about Ska, however I’ve decided to write about music, more specifically my behavior at concerts.

I haven’t been to anywhere near enough concerts throughout the course of my life, and I hope to remedy that problem soon. However most of the concerts I have been to have been ska concerts. Specifically Reel Big Fish concerts. Yeah there was a Breaking Benjamin concert at some point, and a Panic! At the Disco concert, but the ska concerts are (almost) always the best.

You know how there is always some guy at a concert that seriously looks like he’s losing his mind? Like he forgot that he was in the company of other human beings, and that he’s dancing in the same fashion he would as if he were in his bedroom listening to the music alone? You always look at that guy and think, “man that guy is having the time of his life.” Well…I’m “that girl”. Concerts have a way of making me forget to censor myself, and I don’t mean my language. I just forget to behave in a socially appropriate manner, and I never regret it. I think the best testament to my ridiculousness came from Johnny, the trumpet player in RBF. My freshman year of college they played a show at Bucknell and afterwards I was getting autographs and he told me that I was “Jim-Dandy-Ridonculous”. It’s pretty much the best compliment I’ve ever received.



3 thoughts on “Music…

  1. allofalanah says:

    This is why we need to go to a concert together. Like, now.

  2. Uhhh, an old friend. says:

    I personally find a concert the perfect pose to let loose and not worry about other people. That’s why I’m always ridiculously energetic and act like I can do what I want because, well, I can.

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