Just another lazy day

Well today I got a fair amount of work done on my last paper. Now it’s time to study for the GRE’s once again. I’ve spent the entire day whilst doing work watching the original series of Star Trek with my older brother. As a result I’ve been spending most of the day wondering exactly why it is I couldn’t have been born during the time Star Trek first aired. At the very least, I wish there could be a show on TV right now that was of equal awesome-ness…well there is Big Bang Theory…but it’s not a sci-fi show.

It’s a little strange though, watching the original series. I grew up more with Captain Picard than Captain Kirk, and I definitely miss having an android roaming around the bridge.

Apart from the homework and the Star Trek I’ve just been trying to find out more information about my up and coming trip to Pittsburgh. Turns out I will be having a roommate, which is a little¬†disappointing. I’m sure it’ll be fine though, I’ll be living with another science nerd so we’ll have a lot in common…right? In any case, it should be a good time.

I would write more, but my head’s startin to hurt so, goodnight blogosphere.



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