And Now on to More Serious Business

Next year is going to be friggin ridiculous. For over a year now I’ve been planning and working on research for my honors project. The thought of being a Senior is bad enough, but when you compound that with the knowledge of how much work I’ll have to do over the next year…ridiculous. Who could have known what a tricky situation I would put myself in? Surely not me…

I always knew I was going to go to college, but I always thought it would be four years after high school and I’d be done. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I even really became fully educated about graduate school in the sciences. It’s all thanks to my Astronomy teacher. Without him I never would’ve taken an interest in grad school…or Organic Chemistry…oh well. Anyway he taught me about the options I would have, and he mad me feel like it was the right thing for me to do, possibly the only thing. As a result I went from feeling like I would simply do my best, whatever that may be, to constantly striving for excellence. As a part of that now I find myself undertaking this enormous project. I think one of the scariest parts of this project is working one on one with Dr. Coleman. I want so badly to impress him with my work, I’m quite certain it’s one of the more difficult things in this world to do.

In any case, the summer of research that i’m gearing up for will be a welcome warm up for all the empiricism i’ll have to muster over the next 12 months or so…back to GRE studying.



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