As Time Goes By…

So I have this friend, who I’ve known for quite a few years now. He’s helped me get through a lot of difficult stuff in the past, or at least stuff I thought was difficult then. From time to time we lose touch, months will go by, but inevitably we’ll end up speaking again at some point…as if we had just spoken the previous day. The thing about this friend is that we’ve never actually met. We’ve talked about visiting each other several times, on some occasions more seriously than others, but it’s just never happened. The separation has always just been an aspect of our friendship, it doesn’t really create problems because we don’t let it. I don’t have  to work extremely hard to keep up the connection…it just exists and it’s easy.

Sure I hope that at some point in the future (potentially the near future) we will meet, but if we don’t I don’t think we’d stop talking. When my friends at college, or even at home are being silly and I can’t find anyone to talk to I know I always have him when I need someone who can listen. Perhaps most importantly, someone who I will know will listen without judging me.

A part of me worries that if we did meet at some point, our idealized images of each other would be completely ruined. Sure it’s possible that we’re better than we imagined and that our friendship will grow exponentially. I hope that is the case, but I try to retain a neutral opinion about how our first encounter would go, but I suppose it can’t hurt to hope for the best.

I’ve always felt that I’ve owed him a lot for all the advice he’s given me in the past, and for simply caring about me. I hope he isn’t upset with me for writing about him here, but I couldn’t think of anything else to write about today and I was feeling sentimental. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll write a self-deprecating piece on my thoughts of my future performance on the GRE…



One thought on “As Time Goes By…

  1. allofalanah says:

    He sounds lovely :] glad you have this person, it’s a rare find.

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