The month of May!

May has always been a particularly enjoyable month for me. It’s in the Spring, it announces the end of the school year, there are thunderstorms, and my birthday along with my dad’s birthday, and now one of my best friends birthdays as well. Birthdays were only a big thing in my family when I was younger. I used to brag about the number of b-day parties I was going to have. Nowadays I just hope that I’ll get a cake. This year does mark my 21st birthday which I suppose I should be excited about, but I had my 20th birthday in Japan…which is just as good. I’ve already experienced the phenomenon of suddenly being able to obtain alcohol in restaurants and such, now it’ll just be permanent. Last year I got to have a big birthday, and I just don’t think anything can quite measure up to a day in Osaka City and a night of Japanese Karaoke…or maybe I just don’t want anything to.

My dad’s birthday was yesterday (17th…sorry i’m late). So to celebrate we watched three of the Star Trek movies, aka the good Star Trek movies. It was a pleasant way to waste away the evening. It’s always fun for me to watch Star Trek, simply because Spock seems so much like my father, or perhaps my father seems like Spock…it’s difficult to say who the play-actor is in the relationship. I grew up on the stuff though, so maybe the childish part of me remembers more of the movies than I realize. Tonight was the first time I’ve seen them in a looonnng time.

So one of my best friends birthdays is today, and I’m very sorry that I won’t get to spend it with him…or spend any time with him before I leave next weekend. I shouldn’t dwell on the fact that I miss him a whole bunch though, on the off chance that he reads this he would pick on me for it.

My birthday promises to be quite an interesting one. I’ll be spending the entire day sitting in the back seat of a car with approximately 9 weeks worth of personal effects on a 5.5 hour trip to Pittsburgh. I’ll have to respond to all the facebook birthday wishes from my phone I suppose. Should be a very interesting birthday in any case, and hopefully I’ll be able to celebrate it properly with some new friends after I get settled in.

I wish that the end of May wasn’t approaching quite so quickly, I’m ready to start a new chapter in my preliminary research career, but I don’t feel at all prepared for the GRE yet and time is running short. As such time to study.



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