Beliefs are not Transferrable

Apparently the Rapture is going to occur tomorrow. I don’t think this is the case for several reasons. I wouldn’t even bring it up…but I keep thinking about how silly the whole thing is so here goes. The Bible says (somewhere…I think…I may be paraphrasing) that Jesus will take his people back to heaven when they least expect it. So there ya have it…people expect it erego it won’t happen. Furthermore, this date is being based, once again, on the Mayan calendar? Last I checked Mayan’s didn’t have any notion of Christianity. Why on earth would they predict the date for a religious event that meant nothing to them? And if they did believe in something akin to the Christian Rapture…well it’s still their religious day of salvation. Just like we all don’t get to celebrate Chanukah, one religions day of Rapture is not transferrable to everyone. If anyone out there has any Mayan friends, well you might want to spend a few hours with them on the off chance that they do get rescued from this world by whatever deity they believe in, but I think that the rest of us will all just have to tough it out.

This is once thing about organized belief systems that just eats me up. There are so many different religions out there, so many different kinds of stories and a large amount of them are the same message in a different wrapper. There are something like 700 stories of the creation of the world that can all be fit into the same mold. I’m not saying that this discounts all of those stories, on the contrary the fact that so many different walks of people in so many different time came up with such similar stories almost supports the idea that the stories were inspired by some form of divinity. It just irks me that different groups have to be so divided when their beliefs at their core are so similar. I know I’m not bringing up any new arguments here, it’s just frustrating that a large percentage of wars in the world, and a large percentage of useless pain an suffering is caused by religious debate.

I find beauty in many religions. I was raised Christian, and while I’m not anymore I wouldn’t give up growing up within the church for anything. I think I’m a much better person for going through everything I did in church, that world just isn’t the right place for me. Now I consider myself to be agnostic, and I know I know it’s just a cop out because I’m “to afraid to not believe in anything” sure, think what you will but I’ve seen and understood too much complexity about the way this world works to believe that it was all the result of some freak accident. Even if it’s the spirit of nature, or mathematics that I believe in, I believe in something. I have a great sense of respect for the teaching of the Buddha. It isn’t about merely seeking out personal enlightenment, or reincarnation, it’s about encouraging others to love…to love the world, to find beauty in everything and nothing all at  once. It’s a cosmic sense of reciprocal respect. I don’t know nearly enough about Hinduism to say anything meaningful on its behalf, but I know many people who follow that path and they are beautiful, driven, and loving people.

What I mean to say in all of this is that religions of all kinds should have one common goal, to create and foster the lives of good people. Somewhere along the line that message got lost, and that’s a shame. As a result we have religions that teach people to kill others for what they believe, that the very existence of a non-believer spreads evil and discourse throughout the world. If my existence is a seed of evil than so be it, but I believe I am a good person. I have faith in my friends, I care deeply for people whether they know it or not…I don’t need a God to know how to love. I believe in people, their strength and kindness. There is evil in the world, and great uncertainty, but there is always hope and cause for joy to be found if one knows where to look. I believe in the magic of the stars and in the majesty of chaos. If that’s all this world is, than chaos itself is pretty awesome. This world is based on more than just fact and truth.

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a religion rant…but oh well it was fun. Would love to hear some thoughts on anything I’ve said.



One thought on “Beliefs are not Transferrable

  1. Kristi says:

    Some people are predicting that the New Madrid line will be hit with an earthquake. There’s been 5.0 + earthquakes all week… Considering that Tesla built an earthquake machine and the united states government raided his laboratory after he died and the existence of H.A.R.R.P, world wide earthquake would be more likely to happen. Besides the existence of earthquake machines, there is also a pole shift in progress and this progress also causes extreme earthquakes.

    The May 21st date was created by Harold Camping who is an evangelical priest. Evangelicals are known for being extremely literal to the bible. However a simple study in the ancient legends of Sumeria and Egypt the academic would realize that the Sumerian legends parallel the Biblical stories, so in some respect some things are more true than others. But its only the stories that parallel other ancient legends.

    Anyway, I personally hate that people think there will be an end… there is never an end, the cosmos travel through cycles, just as everything else that is a living, breathing entity. The Mayan tour guide that my family had when we were in Yucatan said that the end of the world scenario is just the end of an era. We are in the Iron times, and will be transitioning into a Golden age that has five lesser cycles. All the ancient calendars say this… the hindu, the hebrew, etc.

    The interesting thing about all this is that all ‘alternative’ spiritual traditions are saying that there will be a significant consciousness shift, from being a race of the mind to a race of the heart… The consciousness shift, some sources say is actually a dimensional shift. Where the human race will transition from a 3rd dimensional civilization to a fourth then fifth dimensional civilization. Where we will instead of using less than 10% of our brains to using full capacity and experience a full spiritual enlightenment, instead of the technocratic enlightenment we are trying to achieve today.

    The whole thing regarding 2012 is a mixture of the dimensional shift as well as another phenomena that is often talked about within the black ops industry. According to some sources there is a quarantine around Earth preventing extraterrestrial and divine intervention. This is quarantine is symbolically embedded into some of the patches of the navy and airforce branches as interlocking rings as one would see in an atom symbol. This quarantine is supposed to be lifted around 2012. Which will allow Earth to be united with the rest of the cosmos…

    Unfortunately most answers regarding the future of the human race is embedded within a sacred science that was known through out the ancients and is not considered credible science in this modern era. Because of the ancient mystery schools this sacred science has been kept hidden from modern man and only for the initiate.

    There is a rather mundane scientific explanation of the 2012 phenomena regarding space weather and the pole shift and other ancient prophecies. This paper: would be a good read if you want to know more about it.

    Apologies for the long comment… the apocalypse has become a fascinating subject. 😉

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