The countdown begins

In seven short days I will be awaiting my departure to Pittsburgh. Before that can occur I must finish preparing myself for the GRE’s…take the GRE’s, and pack my life up into a few suitcases. I’m more than ready to get away from home again. I’ve spent far too much time in one place with little to do. It’s a bit sad that I don’t have more people to hang out with while I’m home, but I wouldn’t be studying as much if I did. In theory I shouldn’t have to study…the GRE is supposed to measure natural ability…oh well. Only 3 days till test day, and I’m feeling the stress hard-core. There isn’t much that I can do to combat this except to lock myself away from the world and continue to study.

I keep randomly remembering that a year ago I wasn’t in the country. I was half a world away, quite literally. I can’t even begin to explain exactly how badly I wish I could I could be back there. There are so many things and people there that I love, and I wish I could bring them back into my life again. I’m sure I will someday, but this recent bout of nostalgia makes the heartache so much worse.

I really need to continue studying, standardized tests are the ultimate in gross…



One thought on “The countdown begins

  1. aina says:

    Natural ability—hah!
    Well, Good luck on the GRE, and let me know how it goes, I’ll be taking it in July.
    Have fun at Pittsburgh!!!!

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