Trudging on…

Life’s weird. Whenever I’m left in a state of neutrality I can feel certain elements of my life, flash-points in time, encroaching on me. Little things that make up just a few of the bits and pieces that make me me.

I had a friend once who said that the best thing she ever got from her ex-boyfriends was new music. Sitting here, listening to the Cold War Kids album that I stole from a certain geeky companion of mine, I can’t help but think of her, and another quote as well. We all know it but to quote Mr. Palahniuk “I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known.” It’s more than just knowing each other of course, we pick up mannerisms, words, and habits of others.

It causes one to wonder then how much of me is really me? Of course one crucial element of my me-ness is how I adjust and react to other people and how they live. Sometimes I think that I don’t let myself react to others enough. I spend a great deal of time analyzing how other people react to the occurrences in their own lives, especially recently. Perhaps I would get more out of existence, grow more as a person if I allowed myself to take on and experience more of the world through others eyes. Instead of thinking it odd and nonsensical to behave in a certain way, I should look for the motivation behind the seemingly aberrant behavior. Life is all in how you live it, and how you let others influence the way you live.

I would love to keep writing…but it’s vocabulary time…these test writers are just ever so plutacious.



One thought on “Trudging on…

  1. allofalanah says:

    *hissing* plutacious…..

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