So it’s midnight…

Just realized that I didn’t post yet today! It’s been a rather intriguing monday. New Lady Gaga album, now she’s on TV. Been doing practice GRE tests all day, and trying to get started on my summer research….I thought this was supposed to be summer break? Oh well, I should get used to it I guess, soon enough I’ll forget what summer break felt like.

I’ve really felt pretty brain dead for the past few weeks though. Whenever I try to do something I just can’t, home just isn’t a place for me to do work anymore. It makes me wonder how I ever got through High School…oh High School…but I got through it and now I’m just accustomed to doing work elsewhere. Labs, libraries, abandoned classrooms. I just hope that I find my stride again when I get out to pittsburgh. I need to kick my work ethic into high gear to get everything accomplished this summer and next year.

It’s late…I need to sleep or study, my entry tomorrow will most likely be brief…only one more day till test time 😦



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