Watchin Letterman…pondering my fate.

Late again! oops…

Tomorrow’s gonna be a strange kind of day. It’s my last day home, last day to pack, etc. etc. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t incredibly excited to leave for CMU, but I always have mixed feelings about leaving home like this. I don’t really get homesick or anything, that’s never really been a problem for me. It’s just strange leaving after being home for almost a whole month, especially during the summer. I did the same thing last year sure, but I barely even had time to think about it. I came home for about two days packed and left. All of this talk of packing and leaving must get very tedious for anyone reading my posts and I’m sorry for that. There’s simply very little else on my mind right now. I may have to skip posting tomorrow. I’ll have to get to bed early, or at least attempt to…so goodnight blog, meet me in Pittsburgh.




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