Last Day :(

I can’t believe that today is the last day of May already. I also can’t believe that out of this entire month I only really missed one post, I’m rather proud of myself for that. I do intend to keep on writing though, but it will most likely be about the goings on at CMU and random things that creep up in my head that I can’t get out any other way. So this post is a goodbye, not by any means. I doubt that I’m going to continue to update every day, especially judging by how exhausted I feel right now after only one day. I’ll continue to post on twitter and facebook when I update though, so for whoever is actually reading this thing, you’ll be informed.

Today was my first real day of work here at CMU. I went down to my lab this morning and met the PhD student that i’m working with. I’m still kind of on the fence as his level of weirdness, he may actually be slightly normal. He seems really nice though, and I have no doubt that once we get to know each other a little better things will run really smoothly. I also got to have lunch with my faculty mentor advisor person, and he is fascinating. We spent most of our time discussing his life and it’s absolutely incredible. I feel so honored to have the chance to work in his lab. Not only will I be working in his lab, I’m the only one exclusively working with him. There are 3 students in my program who have him as a mentor, but the other two are also working with the statistics department. It’s a little nerve-wracking to be…alone…but it’ll be great. I’ll learn a lot. Then we had our first lecture on how to use Matlab and it was just weird. It’s this strange kind of mix of python and java and a few other things I’m sure. I don’t think I’ll have a hard time getting used to it, but on first blush it’s just a little…different.

That was pretty much my day though, now I’m just chillin in my room, quite literally because the AC is fantastic. I’m gonna try to do some research tonight…but I honestly might just go to sleep, I’m so exhausted…