My love for the fallen angel known as Castiel


So as anyone who sees the tattoo on the back on my right calf (and understands it) would know, I have a deep and undying love for the angel Castiel from the TV series Supernatural. In recent months, since the release of The Avengers (praise Joss) I’ve realized my occasional affinity for villainous characters. Now these two ideas may seem unrelated on the surface, but as anyone familiar with the end of season 6 of Supernatural will know Castiel unfortunately displays some slightly Bad-Guyish behavior from time to time. Despite that my love for him never wavered, as I explained in something I posted elsewhere on the internet after I watched season 6 for the first time. I still love Castiel, though I am concerned for him…and his current state is nothing short of upsetting.

Anyway I’ve recently realized that my amicability towards villains may be a byproduct of my affection for Cas. This isn’t the first time I’ve loved an antagonistic character. Kaworu Nagissa from neon genesis evangelion is one of my favorite anime characters and he isn’t exactly…a good guy. I don’t try to dislike villains though..not even a little. I think it’s healthy though. I mean it isn’t normal…but I think it’s good to appreciate the typical driving force of any plot line, the conflict. Without villains there would be no conflict and that would just be lame…so thank you villains! Thank you for causing so much trouble.