Bad Science

So I kind of like sci-fi right? LIke it’s this thing that I tend to spend a lot of time observing…and so I’ve reached the point in my nerd-life (which is obviously different from a normal life) during which I’ve begun to form distinct opinions on various items in my sci-fi library. Now on the whole I generally love everything I watch to some degree or another, despite having some reservations because of a canonical inconsistency or something similar. One thing that bothers me more than any error in cannon or just a generally poorly written line/scene is Bad Science with a capital BS.

It may seem counterintuitive to get upset about faulty science in the realm of sci-fi, where the rules of science oftentimes do not apply or have been superseded. In some cases however, the rules of science that must be accepted to facilitate the goings-on in the show require an entirely different set of laws governing the physical world which clearly are not present. If everything else in the universe being considered adheres to the laws of physics as we know (and love/hate them) except for maybe some characters, etc., then one would assume that unless some Supernatural explanation is implied our current understanding of the properties of say, THE FRIGGIN SUN, still hold.

The object of my current rage and hate is Justice League Doom. Now this was quite a lovely little piece of animation, and overall I pretty much enjoyed it. There was a lot of pain and sadness for…the majority of the JLA, and Batman was awesome. There were a couple of things, one instance in particular, that I could not help but cringe at. There’s an instance when a missile thingy gets launched at the sun, which causes a solar flare that follows the missiles magnetic stream from the earth back to its point of origin to destroy approximately 1/2 of the population of the planet. A little outlandish, potentially cringe worthy already, but it got worse. A character states that it will take roughly 8 minutes for the solar flare to travel from the sun to the earth…no. Yes, light takes approximately 8 minutes to reach us from the sun, but the sun isn’t just made of light, it’s made of plasma. It would take longer than light speed for a…plasma projectile to travel from the sun to the earth. I will be the first to say that i’m not well versed in plasma physics so feel free to tell me i’m wrong. There was something else though that really upset me. 

So we all know that Superman is fast, like he can fly really fast man. I guess he can fly near light speed? I mean faster than a speeding bullet for sure, and I would assume light speed-ish since he did that time travely thing right?…maybe i’m thinking of a betterimean….another superhero. Anyway. There’s a scene right after the sun gets hit by this stupid missile where Superman and Green Lantern are just chillin by the sun talking about the plans to save the earth. Green lantern stays behind and about a minute after the missile hits the sun Superman is back on the Earth. Now think about this. The movie clearly stated earlier that it would take about 8 minutes to travel from the sun to the Earth…at light speed. Superman just did that trip in under a minute…HOW THE HECK IS THIS POSSIBLE???? I mean to the best of my knowledge even Superman cannot travel That fast. Even if he can travel at light speed he wouldn’t have made it back to earth before the solar flare hit because he would’ve been a few seconds behind it the whole way. Maybe a bit faster than light speed I could buy, but we’re talking about a trip that takes LIGHT 8 minutes, taking Superman roughly 45 seconds…that’s crazy, it grinds my gears, and is in my opinion bad superhero science. 

There was this whole other issue I had with Justice League Doom where every character is dumb at the end except Batman, and how I am almost certainly now and forever a Marvel girl if that movie was any indicator of the characterization of the DC superheros in the bulk of their respective franchises. Anyway…i’m done.